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发布时间: 2019-08-27 11:08:03 信息来源:Arch设计联

昨天,GoArchitect宣布国人设计师Zeyu Cai和Sibei Li为The Peoples Notre-Dame Cathedral Design Competition(巴黎圣母院教堂重建设计竞赛)的获奖者。
GoArchitect has announced designers Zeyu Cai and Sibei Li as the winners of The Peoples Notre-Dame Cathedral Design Competition. 

在来自56个国家的226个参赛作品中,Zeyu Cai和Sibei Li的获奖方案由公众高票选出,而投票人数超过30000人。此次竞赛旨在为今年4月大火后的巴黎圣母院的未来创造一个新的愿景。而这个被称为Paris Heartbeat(巴黎心跳)的获奖设计为这座城市将创造一个真实的心跳。
With 226 entries from 56 countries, the winning proposal was chosen by the public with over 30,000 people voting. The competition aimed to create a new vision for the future of the iconic cathedral after the Notre Dame fire in April this year. Called Paris Heartbeat, the winning design creates a literal heartbeat for the city.


As the brief stated, "The centuries-old cathedral has lost its entire roof, spire, and was severely damaged by the flames. Notre-Dame Cathedral is more than a building. It is a symbol, a collection of memories, a witness to history, and a monument weve all been impacted by. This collective understanding now presents us with the most unique of questions; where do we go from here? Do we rebuild the structure exactly as it was or do we search for a new representation of our shared experience? If it is the latter, what will this representation look like, feel like, and act like?"


Zeyu Cai和Sibei Li说:“我们相信2019年的大火将标志着巴黎圣母院的新纪元。” 他们继续解释说,在他们的设计中,新的尖顶被解释为聚合镜,与镜子屋顶一起轻柔地反射周围的背景。建筑物每时每刻都会焕然一新,与不断变化的城市环境相匹配。此外,设计为每半个世纪开放的时间胶囊漂浮在尖顶的顶部。磁悬浮装置是为了保留过去的记忆,为未来的故事留出空间。

As Zeyu Cai and Sibei Li state, "We believe the 2019 fire will mark a new era for Notre Dame." They go on to explain that in their design, the new spire is interpreted into poly mirrors, gently reflecting the context together with the mirror roof. Every moment the building will have a new look, matching the changing urban environment. In addition, a time capsule, designed to be open every half century, is floating at the top of the spire. The magnetic levitation installation is made to keep the memory of the past and reserve space for future story.

关于Zeyu Cai和Sibei Li 


Im Zeyu, I grew up in the city of Hangzhou, China and went to Tsinghua University to start my architecture life. Six years undergraduate and graduate education built a firm foundation for me to start to explore the artistic, scientific and sophisticated architecture world. My first stop was Cornell University. Their one-year graduate program is quite short, but it opens the gate to a different territory of urban, ecology, and representation. It inspired me a lot, and taught me how to gain knowledge through its academic methodology. Later, I settled down in Chicago and have been working for SOM for over two years. Everyday, I work to use creative thinking and rational drawing to turn an idea from sketches into reality.


Sibei is from Beijing, China. She grew up in this historical city and has always been fascinated by how architecture can stand across the eras and tell a four-dimensional story of the past to the future. Sibei went to undergraduate school in Beijing University of Technology and there began her exploration into the architecture. Architecture provides her a unique angle to view the world and a language to express herself. At Cornell, she expended her knowledge of how architecture could interact with other disciplines. Sibei now works in SOM, Chicago, where she turns conceptual ideas into rational details.

“我们还记得那天巴黎圣母院着火了,即使在观看了尖顶的视频后我们也无法相信。在我们的脑海中出现了震惊,悲伤和遗憾的复杂感觉。我两次访问巴黎圣母院,一次是在我的建筑教育之前的童年,另一次是在我在欧洲实习期间。Sibei在欧洲的志愿工作期间访问了巴黎圣母院。尽管我们在不同年龄,不同年份和不同背景下访问了巴黎圣母院; 我们得到的感觉有很多共同之处。我们相信这是巴黎圣母院的力量。我们非常欣赏专业方法中的比例,重要性,光线和空间。巴黎圣母院创造的宏伟,美丽和宁静的氛围给我们留下了深刻的印象,以及这种力量如何压倒人们的心灵。 

We still remember the day that Notre Dame caught fire, we could not believe it even after watching the video of the spire falling. The mixed feeling of shock, sadness and regret emerged in our mind. I visited Notre Dame twice, once in my childhood before my architecture education, and another time during my internship in Europe. Sibei visited Notre Dame during her voluntary work in the Europe. Even though we visited Notre Dame at different ages, in different years, and through different backgrounds; the feeling we got has a lot in common. We believe that is the power of Notre Dame. We truly appreciate the proportion, materiality, light and space in a professional approach. We were also impressed by the grandness, beauty, and the peaceful atmosphere that Notre Dame creates, and how this power overwhelms peoples hearts.


This architecture legacy is not only for Paris but also for the rest of the world. Notre Dame is a witness to human history for over 800 years. It burns, it survives, and it co-breathes with the ever-changing world. Every time the disaster left its impression upon Notre Dame and that became an indelible part of its history. Now we witnessed Notre Dames big moment, we want to contribute our idea to the restoration and reconstruction of Notre Dame. Visualization of the Notre Dames nirvana by architecture language is the best way to show our great respect for the past of Notre Dame and best wishes to its future. That is why we decided to participate in this competition without a second thought.

“我们的方案包括三个部分; 水晶屋顶作为反映历史城市环境的镜子,尖顶作为回顾历史的时间胶囊的尖端,以及作为城市万花筒来庆祝城市景观的主要尖顶。

Our proposal consists of three parts; a crystal roof as a mirror to reflect historical urban context, a spires tip as a time capsule to retrospect the history, and the main spire as a city kaleidoscope to celebrate the vision of a cityscape.

新的尖顶被解释为基于原始维奥莱-拉-迪克尖顶的经典比例和八角形几何形状的多面镜,与镜子屋顶一起轻柔地反射背景。每一刻,建筑都将焕然一新,与不断变化的城市环境相匹配。通过戏剧性的反思,建筑,城市和时间之间建立了紧密的联系。 设计为每半个世纪开放的时间胶囊漂浮在尖顶的顶部。磁悬浮高科技装置为过去留下了记忆,为未来的故事留下了空间。尖顶的尖端象征着巴黎的心跳,有节奏地上下呼吸和与城市一起跳动。

The new spire is interpreted into poly-mirrors based on the classical proportions and octagonal geometry of original Viollet-le-Duc’s spire, gently reflecting the context together with the mirror roof. Every moment, the building will have a new look, matching the changing urban environment. A strong connection among the building, the city and the time has been established by the dramatic reflection. A time capsule, designed to be open every half century, is floating at the top of the spire. The magnetic levitation high-tech installation keeps the memory for the past and reserves the space for future story. The spires tip, symbolizing the Paris heartbeat, moves rhythmically up and down breathing and beating together with the city.

塔尖的内部反射创造了一个城市万花筒。充满活力的彩色玻璃使光线染色,而双螺旋结构则表现出阴影。巴黎圣母院玫瑰之窗的浪漫之美和理性逻辑以艺术和构造的方式完全诠释了我们的方案。 在万花筒的中心是浮动时间胶囊的底部球形表面。通过戏剧性的反思,人们可以看到周围的拼贴画城市。在这个虚幻的空间里,空间和时间纠缠在一起。在这里,人们反思,人们承认,人们祈祷。新的尖顶作为一种宗教象征,为每个人的信仰和希望提供了一个公开的答案,代表着记忆,存在和未来。”

The inside reflection of the tower spire creates a city kaleidoscope. The vibrant and colorful glass dyes the light while the double spiral structure expresses the shadow. The romantic beauty and rational logic of the Rose Window of Notre Dame is fully interpreted into our proposal in an artistic and tectonic way. In the center of the kaleidoscope is the bottom spherical surface of the floating time capsule. Through the dramatic reflection, people can see the collage city around, with the portrait of themselves at the focal point. The space and time tangled together in this illusory space. Here, people remind, people confess, people pray. The new spire, functions as a religious symbol, provides an open answer to the belief and hope for everyone, and represents the memory, presence and future.